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Technical Details

The original Thomas Tube Holder is a tried and trusted tube holder, and an industry leader for the last two decades. Designed to secure a range of advanced airway devices, Thomas Tube Holders are easy to apply and provide a reliable hold over tape fastening methods.

Our Thomas Tube Holders are ergonomically engineered to meet the needs of healthcare providers and offer a comfortable fit for the patient. The hook and loop fastener that straps around the patients’ head conveniently fits quickly into place and fastens securely.


Large mouthpiece surface area - Accommodates patients with removed dentures or facial trauma
Suction Port - Large opening allow for view of patient’s mouth and lip colour Easy access for suctioning and other oral care needs
Wide Head Strap - Hook and loop padded strap provides secure and comfortable fit; even when wet
Pink strap on paediatric version for quick, easy identification in an emergency.
Pliable Bite Block - Unique construction to prevent the patient from biting or pinching the tube and restricting airflow. Pliable material to protect the teeth and gums.


• REACH compliant
Adult version: Fits airway device sizes 6.5 mm (Inner Diameter) - 21 mm (Outer Diameter)
Paediatric version: Fits airway device sizes 4.3 mm (Inner Diameter) - 15.8 mm (Outer Diameter)
• Material: PP (mouth piece), EPE (foam), Nylon (strap)
• Latex-free
• Non sterile
• Disposable - for single use of no more than 24 hours
• Operating temperature: -18˚C to 43˚C
• Storage temperature: -34˚C to 52˚C

Technical details to follow.